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Written by Caterina Farulla on 18. Sep, 2021
Hi Miss Pearson! I am reaching out as I have been wanting to get an exotic shorthair cat for as Long as I can remember. I have been doing my research on them and I feel like I am finally in a position to welcome them! Just wanted to have a quick chat to get to know you and see if you would have any kittens or cats available in the next few months, and how much that would be! I am happy to provide any information needed and happy to chat to you and make sure I am a right fit :)
Written by Janet Craig on 13. Feb, 2021
I am looking for a persian doll face male kitten, I live on my own no children or any other pets. I lost my persian few years ago . Hence why I am asking to keep me company through the day.
Written by Stephney Dallmann on 3. May, 2020
I am interested in buying a kitten. Do you have any available? Are you still selling during lockdown. We already have one cat and two dogs. I have 2 daughters aged 11 and 14. We are experienced cat owners.
Written by Davis on 1. Mar, 2018
Great website! Thanks for the info.
Written by Marina on 3. Aug, 2017
You are very generous in sharing so much info about an understanding that is very simple, yet, may be hard to grasp for a very tired mind, nice work!
Written by Tara wren on 29. Jan, 2015
Hello Carole Our daughter was asking where we got Poppy from so I've been showing her your website. She must be 16 at least this year as we didnt get her from a tiny kitten, she is the most loveliest cat you could ask for.
Written by Helen Strong on 24. Nov, 2013
We have had the honour and pleasure of purchasing a gorgeous kitten from Carole in May 2013 and he is a very much loved member of our family due to his docile and friendly nature. He has a unique personality and none of us can imagine life without him. We are hoping to get him a half brother or sister in the near future. Keep us posted Carole ;) x