GCCF Shows

Bailey BIS Persian kitten National 2015.
Me & Destiny!
Naboo Independence (Destiny)at the Supreme 2014.
Filoselle Rock Myworld at the Bristol & District.


Photo by Robert Fox

Surrey & Sussex Cat Association  16/3/2013 Filoselle Electra Glide became a Premier (in 3 straight shows)

Essex Cat Club  13/4/2013 Premier Filoselle Electra Glide gained his first Grand Premier Certificate.

London Cat Club 8/6/2013 Exotiquesamour Vita 1st & Best of Breed, Red Card day, Best Persian Kitten & OVERALL BEST PERSIAN. Her first ever show!

Wiltshire Cat Club 6/7/2013 Exotiquesamour Vita 1st & Best of Breed & Best Persian Kitten.

Bristol & District Cat Club 10/5/2014 Filoselle Rock Myworld 1st & BOB.  (His first ever show)

Wiltshire & Distict Cat Club 5/7/2014 Filoselle Fortunate Son (owned by Rennie & Derek Fairs) was BEST IN SHOW PERSIAN. Many congratulations!

At the same show Spencer became Grand Premier Filoselle Spencer. Well done my lovely Blue Smoke boy!

 Three Counties Cat Society 16/8/2014 Filoselle Rock Myworld 1st & BOB & BEST OF VARIETY PERSIAN KITTEN!

Bucks,Oxon & Berks Cat Society 20/9/2014 Filoselle Rock Myworld 1st & BOB.

East Sussex Cat Club 20/9/2014 Filoselle Fortunate Son  1st & BOB & BEST IN SHOW Persian Kitten.Ch Filoselle Chrome Heart made up to Grand Champion! Both owned by Rennie & Derek Fairs. Well done!

Kentish Cat Society 18/10/14 Naboo Independence 1st Breed class. Gr.Ch. Filoselle Chrome Heart won Reserve Imperial certificate & BOB. Filoselle Fortunate Son 1st & BOB.

Chinchilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society 2/11/2014. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Rennie & Derek Fairs,Filoselle Fortunate Son was OVERALL BEST IN SHOW & won his first CC. Their Gr.Ch. Filoselle Chrome Heart gained his 2nd Reserve Imperial Certificate. 

SUPREME CAT SHOW 22/11/2014. Naboo Independence 1st Breed class & BOB.

National Cat Club 13/12/14 Naboo Independence 1st Breed Class & BOB. 

 Eastern LH & SLH Cat Society 3/1/15 Naboo Independence 1st & BOB. CONGRATULATIONS to Rennie & Derek Fairs as Filoselle Fortunate Son gained his Championshop status.

Celtic LH & SLH Cat Society 31/1/15 Naboo Independence 1st Breed Class & BOB.

Southern Counties Cat Club 14/2/15 Naboo independence 1st Breed Class & BOB.

London Cat Club 21/3/15 Naboo Independence 1st Breed Class & BOB. LAST KITTEN SHOW FOR DESTINY! 

Cambridgeshire Cat Club 25/4/15. (First Adult Show) Naboo Independence won her 1st Challenge Certificate. 

Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club 16/5/15 Naboo Independence won her 2nd Challenge Certificate.

Wessex/ Wiltshire shows 4/7/15 Filoselle Rebelheart made her show debut & was Best Persian Kitten at the Wiltshire. Congratulations to her owners Rennie & Derek Fairs!

Kensington Cat Club 11/7/15 Naboo Independence won her 3rd Challenge Certificate & is now a CHAMPION!

Three Counties Cat Society 15/8/15 Ch Naboo Independence won her first Grand Champion certificate. Home bred Pr Filoselle Electra Glide won the Reserve Grand.

BOBCATS/ East Sussex 19/9/15 Naboo Independence was made up to GRAND CHAMPION!

Long Haired & SLH 3/10/15 Pr. Filoselle Electra Glide won his 2nd Grand Premier Certificate & was BEST PERSIAN NEUTER! At her debut show Remilakat Bailey won 1st & BOB & a red card day.

SUPREME CAT SHOW. 24/10/15. Remilakat Bailey 1st & BOB in her kitten class! 

CHINCHILLA,SILVER TABBY & SMOKE CAT SOCIETY 22/11/15 Filoselle Electra Glide made up to Grand Premier & BIS PERSIAN NEUTER.  Remilakat Bailey 1st & BOB.

NATIONAL CAT CLUB 12/12/15 Remilakat Bailey 1st & BOB & BIS PERSIAN KITTEN.

Premier Filoselle Electra Glide at the Essex.
Filoselle Fortunate Son (Cream Shaded Cameo) in his BIS pen at the Wiltshire show.
Filoselle Rock Myworld at Three Counties BIS Persian kitten
Grand Champion Filoselle Chrome Heart at the East Sussex show 2014
Best Persian kitten at the East Sussex show Filoselle Fortunate Son
Naboo Independence (Destiny) at the Kentish.
BEST IN SHOW at the Chin. Society 2014 Filoselle Fortune Son.
Filoselle Rebelheart Blue Cream Smoke
Harley in his Best Neuter pen at the Long Hair 2015.
Grand Premier Filoselle Electra Glide Best in Show Persian neuter at the 2015 Chinchilla,Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society.
Bailey at the National 2015